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2013 Nissan NV cargo van.

2013 Nissan NV cargo van.

Reviews and advice about Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers and Vans

Find road tests, reviews, previews, news, research, references, and resources about light trucks available in Canada, including pickup trucks, cargo vans, crossovers and SUVs.

TruckTest! includes reliability, safety, insurance, buying and driving advice. All content is compiled and edited by professional journalists.

TruckTest! was founded in July 2013 and is published by the same editorial team that produces the award-winning CarTest! website at www.cartest.ca. CarTest! was established in 2002 and has been published continuously since then. The Editor and almost all TruckTest! reviewers are members of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC). You can visit the AJAC website at www.ajac.ca for more details.

At TruckTest!, we strive to provide honest and useful information for drivers. It’s true we don’t have a review or report on every single new light truck, but we are adding new reports as quickly as we can. And you are guaranteed we won’t spoof our audience by promising reviews we don’t have available, like many of the big automotive sites that pretend to have a review of whatever vehicle you type in a Google Search … but when you get to the site, it’s just a headline with no data. We’ll never fake you out like that.

Are we influenced by advertising on our site?

Absolutely not, and here’s why. All ads are placed by a third party, Google Adsense, and in fact, we never know which ads will appear until we visit TruckTest! ourselves to see what’s showing up. (We’ve banned scams and offensive ad content because we never want to see that type of content here.) This type of arm’s-length advertising, where we do not have direct influence over it, helps to ensure our independence, yet brings in a minor amount of income to support some of the expenses of running this site and helps keep it free for visitors. Please understand that in no way would an advertisement on this website influence what we have to say about a vehicle in a review.

So use the information here to your best advantage. It’s all honest, it’s all written by qualified writers, it’s all edited by a professional editor, and it’s all offered with the best ofintentions.

And as you might expect, we’re always open to suggestions; criticisms, ideas for stories and other comments.

Thank you for joining us today.

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