Vehicle Insurance

Everybody wants to save money on their vehicle insurance. Here is where to find tips and advice to do this.

Insurance Bureau of Canada

Proceed with caution before choosing your vehicle. If it has a bad auto insurance record, it could cost you. A publication from the Insurance Bureau of Canada illustrates how theft, collision and other claims affect the cost of your vehicle insurance. It includes lists of the best and worst vehicles for collision, comprehensive and theft costs for all types of vehicles in Canada. Review it at

Insurance Hotline

Many times when a consumer’s vehicle insurance policy is being cancelled, it’s by their broker, NOT by their insurance company. This has lead to a lot of heartache and confusion for consumers trying to replace their coverage with another insurance company. But did you know that instead of having to look around for another insurance company, all they needed to do is to change brokers and stay with their existing insurance company?

People need to know how to determine if they are being cancelled by their insurance broker or by their insurance company. If people are being cancelled by their insurance company, they will receive a letter by registered mail outlining the reason why. All auto insurance companies must file their conditions for cancellation with the government and the government must approve them, otherwise they can’t cancel someone. A car insurance broker does not need a reason to non-renew someone’s policy. is an insurance rate comparison service operating since 1994. The service directs drivers to the insurance companies which offer the lowest rates. does not sell insurance, and is not owned in part or in whole by an insurance company, agent or brokerage. For details, visit

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